Our Challenging

18-Hole Golf Course, Par 72

Designed by: Al Zikorus 1961

Head Professional: Patrick Anglin, PGA

Assistant Professional: Billy Smith, PGA

Fairways: Bent And Poa Grass

Greens: Bent and Poa Grass 

Slope 126 - 6,658 Yards - 72.4

4 Sets of Tee Boxes to Accommodate all Skill Levels

No Restrictions on Tee Times based on Gender

Bunker Renovation Complete


hole 1

This short dogleg left par 5 is reachable for the long hitters, keep your drive to the right side of the fairway, you will have a clear layup to a large green protected by three bunkers, definite birdie hole!



hole 2

This medium length par 3 has a large green well protected with three bunkers. Hitting this green will give you a reasonable chance for birdie, while missing it could easily cost you a shot. Par is always a good score here.



hole 3

Although in distance this par 5 appears short, it is very difficult to reach in two. It is a slight dogleg to the left. It has a large layup area and this small green is protected on the right by water and on the left side by one bunker. Good birdie chance here?


hole 4 

Longest Par 4 and #1 Handicap hole for good reason. Your drive needs to be straight and long, there's out-of-bounds down entire left side & if you bail out too far right you'll be laying up to play this hole like a par 5. Although there are two bunkers protecting this green, you can run shots up the front of this green. Par is a great score here!


Hole 5

Another long Par 4. A straight drive is a must, this fairway is very narrow with trees lining both sides. If you miss this fairway your second shot can be easily blocked out. There is a hazard short right of the green and a deep greenside bunker on left. The green is very undulating. Missing this green will usually cost you at least a shot. Par is a great score!



This short dogleg right Par 4 is one of the few holes that an errant tee shot usually won't penalize you too much. The green is protected by two bunkers. Your second shot will be a short to medium iron. Hitting this green will give you a good chance for birdie.



Similar to hole # 6, this longer dogleg right will not be so kind with errant tee shots. If you can cut the corner dogleg with your drive, you can have a short to medium iron to a large green protected by two bunkers. Birdie is possible, but you'll be happy with par here!



At the par-3 223-yard eighth hole, the long forced carry over three bunkers is visually intimidating. Trees line both sides of the fairway making direction essential to completing the hole efficiently. The green features a large contour which demands careful examination. Par is a great score here.



This straight ahead par 4 will require a good drive to give you a good chance at par. If you can, you want to avoid having a long iron coming into this green. The green is very small, well protected with two bunkers in front and out of bounds over the back. If you can hit this green, you'll have a real good birdie chance!



This slight dogleg left par 4 will require a long and straight drive to give you a short to medium iron coming into this green You can score on this hole if you can avoid having a long iron coming into this green. The green is very large, wide open mouth and one bunker in the front right. If you can hit this green, you'll have a birdie chance!



At the par-3 243-yard eleventh hole, a large water hazard flanks the left side of the green. You should avoid the water on the left even at the expense of landing in the right side bunker. A lengthy tee shot is required but, the green features an open entrance at the front which permits players to bounce the ball on to the green.



This short dogleg right par 4 plays uphill with three fairway bunkers in play on both sides of the fairway. Your second shot will play uphill to a large green wide open in front. Good birdie chance here, par is a must!




The shortest par 3 on the course, the green is well protected in front by two large bunkers. Short to medium iron drive will give you a good chance for birdie, but missing this green could easily cost you a shot!




The shortest par 4 on the course, this straight ahead hole will give you your best chance at birdie. The green is well protected in front by two large bunkers an one small one. Short iron second shot to this medium sized green will give you a real good chance for birdie.



 The straight ahead short par 5 can be reached in two with a good drive to this wide fairway. There is out of bounds down the whole right side and two fairway traps on the left. Easy layup for position to hit a medium sized green with a bunker on the left and right side. Eagle is a possibility, excellent birdie chance, par is a must here!



The signature hole, this sharp dogleg left will certainly intensify any golfers heartbeat. The elevated tee box is high above the fairway. Unless you can carry over the corner of the trees on your drive, you will have a long iron or hyrid into this well guarded green. There is a large pond in play on the left & a good sized bunker on the right. Par is an excellent score, but difficult unless your drive is well positioned.



The short uphill dogleg left hole has a extremely narrow fairway and driver is not recommended here. Position is most important here, you must keep your drive on the right side to avoid being blocked out by the trees down the left. Your second shot will play uphill to a medium sized green plays that is protected by three bunkers. Definite birdie chance here!



This great slight dogleg left par 5 can reward you with a great drive. It is reachable in two for the long hitters. Be careful though, the layup here is not as easy as the other par 5's. There is a hazard on the right that blocks your vision from the right side of the fairway for your second shot. The small undulating green is protected on front by two bunkers and severely sloped in the back.